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About Us

SEVITA is an established company dedicated to developing and supplying food-grade NON gmo soybean and Certified Seed of superior quality and value.

Sevita is involved in feeding people. We provide the global soy food and beverage markets with a fully integrated, closed-loop system — from NON gmo soybean research & development, to crop production and export. Our specialty food-grade soybean varieties are grown under strict Identity Preservation standards and exported around the world for use in a wide variety of soy foods and beverages. Click here for VIDEO

We are witnessing increasing demand through world population growth and increasing use of soy as the ingredient of choice in ever wider ranges of food products. Aside from demand-increase challenges, we also face demands for healthier traits, yield improvement, agronomic performance and innovation in processing characteristics. To meet these challenges, Sevita develops and owns its soybean varieties and we control our Certified Seed production and crop production to maintain quality, purity and identity preservation. To achieve this, we strive for excellence in:

  • Research, Discovery and Product Development
  • Value Chain Relationships
  • Quality Control and Traceability
  • Operations Efficiency

Sevita is involved in crop production. Our high performance Certified Seed offers growers the performance and options they demand. Sevita develops and offers specialty conventional, IP and Genuity soybean as well as cereal varieties, which offer growers superior yield and agronomic performance while offering end-users unique nutrition and health traits.

About Us

Focus on the Future

Sevita is looking to the future and we believe that future Non-GMO soybean export growth is all about innovation and adding value. Our focus on enhancing nutrition and health components, improving soybean functionality, yield and agronomics will drive innovation and position Sevita Non-GMO soybean varieties at the forefront now and in the future.


At Sevita we look for mutually beneficial opportunities with the growers and the buyers. We listen to their concerns and suggestions for improvement and address them in order to build strong relationships.