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Sevita International
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Woodstock Facility

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NON gmo soybean for food use and Certified Seed

We develop and supply specialty NON gmo food grade soybean to food & beverage manufacturers and Certified Seed to farmers.


Sevita has grown to be an industry leader in the international soy-food marketplace, but has kept an organic, personable and customer-centric ideology. Sevita sources from multiple geographical regions to provide consistent and redundant geographic diversification of supply - providing you with a reliable and secure supply chain. We select regions with a shared focus on market niche and value-added opportunities, bringing you added synergy and support.

Our Certified Seed varieties offer our growers superior agronomic performance and yield and a range of maturity options.

Sevita invests continuously in soyfood and soybean production with its research development programs, insuring our future together will be prosperous.